Blue Choice® Platinum


Is Blue Choice Platinum right for me?


If you prefer to pay less for inpatient hospital stays and physician visits, Blue Choice Platinum may be the plan for you. Blue Choice Platinum provides you with broad access to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies through our PPO network you know and trust. In addition to the 10 Essential Health Benefits, this plan also provides coverage for adult vision.


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We created a series of videos to help you understand the basics about healthcare coverage.  Watch Understanding the Basic Topics and Terms of Health Insurance or click on the  video links in the chart below to learn more.


Coverage highlights for Blue Choice Platinum* 

Calendar Year Deductible    $100 individual; $200 family
Calendar Year Out-of-Pocket Maximum
(Including Deductible) 

Deductible and Out-of-Pocket Maximum Video

$4,000 individual; $8,000 family

After you reach Calendar Year Out-of-Pocket Maximum, applicable in-network expenses are covered at 100%
for the remainder of the calendar year.

Physician Visits

Copay and Coinsurance Video

$20 copay 

Inpatient Hospital Care $150 per day hospital copay days 1-5 for each admission
Outpatient Surgery
(including Ambulatory Surgical Centers)
$150 hospital copay
Emergency Room $150 hospital copay
Diagnostic Lab Services, X-rays
and Pathology
Covered at 100%
Surgery and Anesthesia Covered at 100%
Maternity Care Covered at 100%
Adult Eye Exam Covered at 100%
(Limited to $75 maximum for exam and refraction per calendar year for adults age 19 and over)
Routine Immunizations and
Preventive Services
  Covered at 100%
(See for a listing of specific immunizations and preventive services.)

PRESCRIPTION DRUG BENEFITS: (Standard Prescription Drug List)

Generic Drugs:
Preferred Brand Drugs:
Other Brand Drugs:
Specialty Drugs:
  $10 copay
$30 copay
$60 copay
$60 copay


*Benefits listed apply to in-network services. 

  Watch the In-Network and Out-of-Network video to learn more 


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